Totton Santa Run

9th December, Empire Hall Totton, Totton


A family friendly, Christmas fun run, this year with an indoor Fayre at the finish line for runners and spectator enjoyment.

Please join us in Totton's third Santa Run, a 2.5km dash around Totton dressed in Santa suits or other Yuletide garb, complete with decorated pushchair and festive dog competition

There is also the Xmas Fayre, for finish line frolics complete with Reindeer, Cake competition, Choir, Raffle and more...


This year we are changing the route to a 2.5km circular route starting and finishing at Library Road in the centre of Totton, This allows spectators to see both the beginning and end of the run and we hope will allow drivers slightly shorter period of disruption on Salisbury Road.

  1. Start - Library Road
  2. Turn right up Salisbury Road
  3. Turn right onto Testwood Lane (at the Testwood club junction)
  4. Run the entire length of Testwood Lane turning right into right Library Road by the Police Station
  5. Finish - Near the Library

As with other years we will clear the route as soon as possible opening the roads as soon as it is safe to do so.

2 Salisbury Rd. Totton, Southampton


Entry fees

  • Adults: £12 (+ £1.52 service charge if paying through Eventbrite)
  • Under 12s: £6 (+ £1.06 service charge if paying Eventbrite)
  • Family (2x adult and 2 x under 12s): £32 (+ £3.08 service charge if paying through Eventbright)
  • Under 3s: Free

Why the service charge?

You might have noticed, this year we are using Eventbrite for taking payments in addition to paypal - we figured that the extra choice is a good thing! There is an additional charge for Eventbrite bookings but we think for some people it may be more convenient if they are not paypal users

How do I register and pay?

We'll be taking payments later in the year.

It will be possible to pay by:

  • | Paypal - online |
  • | Eventbrite - online |
  • | Cheque - by post |
  • | Cash or cheque - in person |
What happens once I've registered to take part?

Once you have registered and paid, you will receive a confirmation email. You will need your email to collect your Santa suit and race number in the weeks preceeding the run, so it is essential you do not lose or delete the email

When and how do I collect my race pack?

You will receive a confirmation email, you must bring this when you are collecting your suits.

Your suit and race numbers can be collected in late November/early December 2018 (Dates to be finalised closer to the time) from Garland Lodge Scout Hut, Blackwater Drive, Calmore (other locations to be confirmed closer to the time) so that you can arrive on the day suited up and ready to go!

Your race pack will also include joining instructions for the event, including final timings, meeting point maps and other details for the day.

What size are the Santa suits?

There are three sizes of suits, which you can request when completing the registration form. The adult suits are 'one size fits all', but by picking them up in advance you will have time to customize!

This year there are two sizes of junior suits, one suitable for 4-7 years, and the other 8-11 years.

Please note these ages are just a guide and not an exact measurement.

There are no suits for the under 3s, mainly because they just won't fit. However, they will still receive a medal upon crossing the finish line and they still need to be included in the registration.


Time Slot Description
9h00 Santacise with Boogie Bounce Southampton Santacise Boogie Bounce For runners only - a warm excercise from Boogie Bounce!
9h30 Run starts and Christmas Fayre opens If you are running then go... ...If not then browse
10h00 Santacise with Boogie Bounce Southampton Ocean Harmony Ocean Harmony Ocean Harmony's Barbershop chorus performance
11h00 Roverang Alumni Choir Roverang Alumni Choir Choir performance
11h00 Santa Selfies Get a picture of yourself with the big man himself!
12h00 Mince Pie eating Competition Mince Pie eating Competition
12h10 Result of The Great Totton Cake Off Result of The Great Totton Cake Off Result of The Great Totton Cake Off
12h30 The raffle draw - who will win this years hamper? The raffle draw - who will win this years hamper?


Cake off rules

This is a cake decorating competition looking for Totton & Eling’s most festive of cakes, your cake can be any size or shape and there are no rules on the type of cake used, however it must be a cake that is decorated and not a box or similar inedible prop.

All entries must be handed in between 9:30-10:30 9th December 2018 to the Great Totton Cake Off Table, The Empire Hall, 1 Salisbury Rd Totton.

Cakes will be judged in 2 age categories Children under 16 and Adult 16 and over.

The Judges are independent of the group and their decision is final. All entries into the cake competition are donated to the 5 th NFN Testwood Scout Group and can be raffled off to raise funds for the group. No cakes entered in the competition will be returned.

The winner will be announced at the Fayre just after 12pm after which the cake raffle will take place.


If you are interested in sponsoring the event please email us on